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Liquid Silicone Soap Resin Candles Mold Making Kit Platinum Cure 1 Gallon – Shore 20A Food Grade - 1:1 Weight Mix Ratio

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  • HASSLE-FREE MIXING: Simply weigh both Part A & B equally by weight and mix thoroughly and make your own silicone molds using our premium liquid silicone for mold making
  • ALL PURPOSE MOLDS: Platinum-cured non-toxic, odorless and environment friendly silicone mold maker formula that can be used to cast molding silicone molds for resin, wax, concrete, soap, plaster, gypsum, candle chocolates, cakes.
  • CURING & WORKING TIME: Working time of our the casting silicone liquid is 30 minutes, the curing time depends on thickness of mold. For small molds it is 4-6 hours. For best results leave for 24 hours or overnight. The liquid silicone has 12 months shelf life (seal properly).
  • ODOURLESS, SELF DEGASSING, DURABLE & ELASTIC: Our food grade silicone mold kit is shore 20A rubber known for its great tensile strength and elasticity. Create perfect molds and sculptures that last forever
  • NO LEAKAGES: Both silicone rubber mold making bottles have a stopper underneath the lids to prevent leakage. They are then added inside zip bags before putting them into boxes you receive so that your package never leaks